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How Many Nazi War Criminals Escaped?
by Uki Goñi

What follows below is a list of 227 European criminals who escaped to Argentina after World War II.

This list is by no means final. It was compiled by one man working alone without institutional support. There are many other names waiting to be uncovered.

It includes only persons with either proven criminal responsibilities or clear indication of wrongdoing. The names are compiled to a great extent from capture requests by the countries where the crimes were commited.

Thus the list of Croatians is very numerous, for example, reflecting Yugoslavia's vigorous campaign to apprehend World War II criminals. The Nazi list, by comaprison, is surprisingly short, reflecting the dearth of capture requests from Germany and Austria after the war. The even briefer Italian list (one single criminal) similarly betrays the Italian lack of interest in pursuing its wartime criminals in Argentina.

Also, the list does not include many other names I found of additional members of the SS and the Nazi party, and their counterparts from other European nations, with undertemined wartime responsibilites who crossed the Atlantic.

(I compiled the list for the updated Spanish-language edition of my book The Real Odessa. This new edition with additional data regarding each fugitive was published in Argentina as La auténtica Odessa in November 2008.)

Photo: SS General Ludolf von Alvensleben, one of the major, if lesser-known, Nazi war criminals who escaped to Argentina, standing center behind SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. On left is SS General Karl Wolff.
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Nazis: 32
French: 25
Belgian: 48
Croatian: 98
Norwegian: 8
Dutch: 3
Danish: 1
Italian: 1
Hungarian: 3
Rumanian: 4
Slovak: 4


NAZIS (32)

Ludolf von Alvensleben: Heinrich Himmler's adjutant Alvensleben (centre behind Himmler) was charged with mass murder in Poland. He escaped to Argentina in 1949 where he died a free man in 1970.
Alvensleben, Ludolf von
Barbie, Klaus
Bohne, Gerhard
Christmann, Kurt
Dadieu, Armin
Eichmann, Adolf
Feil, Johann
Fischböck, Hans
Fleiss, Erwin
Ganzenmüller, Albert
Guth, Fridolin
Hefelmann, Hans
Heilig, Bernhard
Janko, Josef
Klingenfuss, Karl Otto
Kofler, Alois Luigi
Krahmer, Eckard R.
Kutschmann, Walter
Lantschner, Fritz
Lausegger, Gerhard
Mengele, Josef
Muller, Erich Friedrich Otto Karl
Priebke, Erich
Rajakowitsch, Erich
Rauch, Friedrich Joseph
Rauff, Walter
Roschmann, Eduard
Schwammberger, Josef
Uiberreither, Siegfried
Vötterl, Sepp
Wagner, Horst
Zimmer, Guido

- List of Nazi criminals who escaped to Argentina, based on the book The Real Odessa by Uki Goñi.



Geroges Guilbaud: Sentenced to death in France. Rumoured involved hiding Vichy assets abroad. Guilbaud escaped to Argentina in 1947, becoming a financial adviser to General Perón.
Augier, Marc
Azema, Jean-Henri
Boucher, Marcel Emil Auguste
Darnand, Philippe
de Mahieu, Jacques
Detroyat, Michel
Dewoitine, Emile Julien
Du Jonchay, Christian
Fayard, Rene
Guilbaud Degay, Georges
Ingrand, Jean-Pierre
Janieres, Henri
Le Vigan, Robert
Lbre, Henri
Lesca, Charles
Maret, Jocelyn Francois
Mordrel, Olier
Pincemin, Robert
Queyrat, Henri
Remy, Maurice Francois
Ricord, Auguste Joseph
Sabiani, Simon
Surville, Eric Marquis de
Vaugelas, Jean de
Villette, Pierre de

- List of French World War II criminals who escaped to Argentina, based on the book The Real Odessa by Uki Goñi.



Pierre Daye: This top Belgian Nazi collaborator escaped to Argentina in 1947 where he set up SARE, the main organization smuggling French-speaking criminals out of Europe.
Baeck, Camille
Bijttebier, Marcel Georges
Bijttebier, Michel Joseph
Blaton, Gerard
Bockaert, Aimé Emiel Franois Maria
Boussemaere, Michel Benoit Emile
Calcoen, Frans Judocus Lucien
Claessens, Jetje de Laeter
Claeys, Rudolf Petrus
Cloetens, René
Daye, Pierre
de Bondt, Joris
de Braekeleer, Adolf
de Roover, Leonard Corneel
Delbaere, André
Dupont, Emil René
Engelbeen, Karel Hector
Englebienne, André Charles
Flameng, Franois Lucien
Friant, León
Gilsoul, Georges
Gordijn, Roger
Grosfils, Maurice
Hoet, Gerard L.
Hollants, Achille Antoon Marie Hubert
Jooris, Gabriel Grégoire Henri Joseph
Lagrou, René
Lecomte, Jean-Jules
Maes, Antoon Gustaaf Albert
Nelis, Henri Louis
Poppe, Leo
Rits, Albert Lucia Frans
Ruysschaert, Gerard Joseph Maria
Ruysschaert, Joseph Lucien
Sergeant, Maurice
Seynhaeve, André Henri Edouard
Seynhaeve, Stefan
Smekens, Willem
Tcherkhoff, Georges
Van Bellinghen, Willy Alphonse
Van Daele, Jules
Van den Berghe Rollms, André Camille
Van Thillo, Renaat Frans Josephin
Verdoot, Severino José
Vermaercke, August Leopold
Versele, Rudolf Alfons August
Verstraete, Achile Joseph
Verstraete, Pedro Odile

- List of Belgian World War II criminals who escaped to Argentina, based on the book The Real Odessa by Uki Goñi.



Eugen Kvaternik: Responsible for the mass murder of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies, "Dido" Kvaternik was chief of the UNS (Internal Security Service) and the second most important man in Croatia after Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic. He escaped to Argentina in 1947 where he died undisturbed by the hand of justice in a road accident under the alias Mario Righi in 1962.
Asancaic, Ivan
Baketic, Ante
Balen, Josip
Berkovic, Josip
Beslagic, Hilmija
Bilobrk, Vlado
Bogdan, Ivo
Brajnovic, Luka
Bujanovic, Josip
Bukovac, Ivan
Bukovic, Fra Petra
Bulat, Edo
Bulat, Tomislav
Canic, Matija
Celan, Ivan
Codina, Ante
Coglagic, Hilmije
Colak, Marko
Crljen, Daniel
Cudina, Ciril
Draganovic, Krunoslav Stjepan
Dragicevic, Marijan
Dragojlov, Mihailo
Dumandzic, Jozo
Elez, Ante
Eterovic, Mirko
Flšgel, Rikard
Frkovic, Ivica
Frkovic, Mate
Gaj, Ivo
Galic, Ivan
Grivicic, Leon
Hefer, Stjepan
Heinrich, Ivo
Herencic, Ivan
Holy, Franjo
Jovic, Franjo
Jovovic, N. Jakov
Karadzole, Pio
Knez, Ferdo
Kordic, Ivan
Korsky, Ivan
Kozina, Franjo
Kvaternik, Eugen
Lackovic, Esteban
Latkovic, Radovan
Licen, Josip
Linic, Svonko
Luburic, Vjekoslav
Majcen, Ivan
Males, Branimir
Markovic, Josip
Mata, Leketa Don
Matijevic, Stipe
Mehmedagic, Junus
Miljivic, Jojov
Moderchia, Dragutin
Musa, Ivan
Nevistic, Franjo
Nikolic, Vinko
Nikpeso, Mirijian
Niksic, Ante
Omchikus, Vojislav
Orsanic, Ivan
Pavelic, Ante
Pavlovic, Marko
Pecnikar, Vilko
Pejacsevich, Petar
Peric, Stijepo
Petric, Ivan
Popovic, Todor
Ramljak, Anton
Ramljak, Stjepan
Rojnica, Ivo
Rukavina, Jozo
Rupcic, Dragutin
Rus, Srecko
Sakic, Nada Tambic de Bilanovic
Sakic, Ljubomir Bilanovic
Salkovic-Fraisman, Zlatko
Sepic, Julija
Sredl, Josip
Srimer, Josip
Starcevic, Mile
Stefanic, Blaz
Susic, Lovro
Tomljenovic, Josip
Toth, Dragutin
Turina, Oskar
Uvanovic, Daniel
Vidakovic, Nikola
Vrancic, Vjekoslav
Vrkljan, Andro
Zanko, Dusan
Zarko, Vlaho

- List of Croatian war criminals who escaped to Argentina, based on the book The Real Odessa by Uki Goñi.



Finn Støren: Arrived in Argentina in 1949 (second from right in 1943 photo).
Alfred Christian Cook
Olaf Haavardsholm
Arne Hafstad
Sofus Kahrs
S. Magdalon
Roald Astrup-Nielsen
Arne Høygard
Finn Støren

- List of Norwegian war criminals who escaped to Argentina, based on the book The Real Odessa by Uki Goñi.



Carl Vaernet: Seeking a "cure" for homsexuality Dr Vaernet performed experiments on humans at Buchenwald concentration camp. He escaped to Argentina in 1947 where he died a free man in 1965.
Kipp de Wit van der Hoop, Abraham
Olij Hottentot, Jan
Sassen, Willem

Vaernet, Carl Peter

Caneva, Bruno

Kepiro, Sandor
Marton, Hommonay
von Habsburg, Albrecht

Ciuntu, Chirila
Lefter, Mile
Misa, Petre
Popinciuc, Mardarie

Durcansky, Ferdinand
Durcansky, Jan
Hora, Vojtech
Pekar, Jan

- List of other Eurpean World War II criminals who escaped to Argentina, based on the book The Real Odessa by Uki Goñi.